Commercial & Healthcare Parking Solutions

Digital permits for commercial, healthcare, and mixed use parking lots

Smarter parking permits

Whether your commercial, healthcare, or mixed use property has an overcrowded lot, or a surplus of parking spaces to rent, SimplyPermits is the right parking solution. With technology you already use (PC, tablet, or smartphone), enforcement and parking managers can search permits by vehicle License Plate, VIN, Year, Make, Model, or by employee information within seconds.

Generate extra revenue with unused spaces, give employees a place to park, and clean up the appearance of your lot.

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Why management needs SimplyPermits

  • Instantly identify which vehicle belongs to an employee or guest
  • Generate revenue by renting unused spaces
  • Real-time reporting & permit analysis
  • Time stamped permit activity and violations
  • 100% paperless & green parking solution!

Why employees love SimplyPermits

  • 24/7 employee access, works on any device
  • Instant permitting
  • Self-managed permits
  • Auto Renewal
  • World-class support from SimplyPermits

Compliant and Secure

  • PIC DSS Compliant
  • Protected with 2048-bit encryption



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