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Digital Parking Solutions

Perfect Parking Solutions

Parking is a vital amenity for Multifamily, Commercial, Healthcare, and Higher Education as cities continue to grow at rapid rates. Create new parking opportunities for your residents, employees, and guests while eliminating the complaint that there’s not enough parking.

Increase Revenue

Not only can you boost your curb appeal for prospects and current residents, you can generate ancillary revenue with no out-of-pocket costs. Contact us today to learn more about our pricing options.

24/7 Access

Simply Permits’ cloud-based dashboard gives residents, employees, and guests 24/7 access to purchase permits, and manage their vehicle details. Property managers can instantly review real-time permit details and make informed parking decisions with our interactive reports.

World-Class Support

Our experienced support team takes great pride and professionalism to ensure our system is simple for all users. No matter if you’re a property manager, parking enforcement manager, resident, or guest; we are here to help!


Self-Managed & Instant Permitting

With our 24/7 permit portal access, purchasing a digital permit is a hassle-free experience and completely hands-off for property management. Our real-time data feed ensures all permit activity is instant and visible to the tenant, property management, and enforcement.

  • Available 24/7, real-time data feed
  • No hang tags or stickers to hand out
  • No 3rd party apps for your tenants and guests to download
  • 100% contactless & paperless process

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24/7 Permit Portal Access
Manager Dashboard


Intuitive Manager Dashboard

Managers can easily monitor parking activity and parking trends of one or more properties from a single login. Our manager dashboard is fully interactive, insightful, and simple.

  • Know who is parking in your lot
  • Search permits by vehicle or user
  • Run and export interactive reports for parking trends
  • Manager overrides for active permits

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Customizable Parking Permits

We will customize your parking permits to match your parking lot and your parking needs. From nightly visitor permits, to open lot, to garage parking – we have you covered.

  • Configurable permit type (visitor, open lot, covered, garage)
  • Customizable permit duration and pricing
  • Limit assigned stalls and permit types to pre-defined units
  • Hands-off setup and configuration; let us do the work for you

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Resident Parking Permits
ALPR App Features


Enforcement at your Fingertips

Enforcing permits and parking violations is vital for maintaining a functional parking lot. SimplyPermits is versatile and structured to work with internal personnel or a third-party enforcement company of your choice.

  • Instantly scan a plate and verify permit status with our FREE mobile app now equipped with Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR)
  • Track date and time stamped vehicle updates and violations
  • Automatic emails generated when notes or violations are recorded
  • Keep enforcement accountable with the tools to properly monitor

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Pricing for all Budgets

Our permits are not only easy to use; they’re also easy on your budget. Select a pricing option to best fit your budget while solving parking problems.

  • Revenue share option (no out-of-pocket expenses)
  • Price per unit option (affordable and scalable)
  • Hybrid pricing available
  • No long-term contracts!

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Smart Parking Permits