Automatic License Plate Recognition

Enforcement at your fingertips

SimplyPermits LPR Mobile Application

What’s the point of issuing digital permits if you can’t accurately enforce them? With SimplyPermits you can, and it’s FREE with our new ALPR equipped mobile app!

SimplyPermits LPR mobile app is perfect for in-house parking management or a third-party enforcement company of choice.

  • FREE download for Android / iOS
  • Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR)
  • Advanced permit search
  • Real-time data feed
  • Monitor multiple properties from a single login

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ALPR App Features
ALPR Mobile App
LPR License Plate Scan

Automatic License Plate Recognition

With our state-of-the-art ALPR Mobile App we’ve eliminated expensive dedicated ALPR vehicles, hardware, and infrastructure – saving properties and enforcement companies tens of thousands of dollars.

From your smart device, scan any plate and instantly check the permit status, assigned parking location, and view or add permit violations.

  • Android / iOS Smart Phones and Tablets
  • Instant permit status
  • Verify parking location
  • View & add violations
  • 99%+ scan accuracy

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Advanced Permit Search

Search for any permit via user details or vehicle information. Limit assigned enforcement to only vehicle information to protect the privacy of your residents and guests.

An additional layer of verification to catch parking violators while protecting your honest residents and guests.

  • Search Users: Name, Phone, Email, Address
  • Search Vehicles: Year, Make, Model, Plate, VIN
  • Verify parking location
  • Clean up stolen and abandoned vehicles
  • Real-time permit status

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Advanced Permit Search
Permit Warning in ALPR App

Permit Violations and Notifications

Conveniently record and track (date & time stamped) permit notes and violations. Automatic email notifications will be sent to the resident or guest at the same time. Whether it’s a friendly reminder regarding upcoming paving of the parking lot or a violation for parking in the wrong assigned stall, SimplyPermits LPR keeps everyone in the loop; all from your mobile device.

  • Real-time permit status and notification feed
  • Push email notifications for notes and violations
  • Recorded date & time stamped
  • Perfect for recording a violation, boot ID, tow ticket number, and more!

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