I moved, how do I cancel my account?


If you have moved and no longer need your vehicle permitted through SimplyPermits, you will need to cancel any active permits, and can delete associated payment methods.

Cancel a Permit

To cancel a vehicle:

  • Locate the permit that you want to cancel
  • Click Cancel Permit?
  • Confirm the cancellation by clicking Cancel It


* Permits that are cancelled become inactive immediately and reactivating a cancelled permit is not possible. Only recurring permits can be cancelled from your dashboard. Permits that have a fixed end date will naturally deactivate on that date. If you wish to cancel a permit with a fixed end date earlier than scheduled, please contact your community management or our support team.

Delete a payment method for your account

To delete a payment from your account:

  • Click Payment Methods
  • Locate the payment method in the list
  • Click Delete

* If a payment method is deleted that was attached to an active, recurring permit, your default payment method will automatically replace the deleted payment method to avoid a failed renewal.