Select your nearest city

If you are not sure of your city’s web address, please go to the Account Login menu item listed above, or noted below, to guide you to the correct portal.

Create an account

After selecting the city nearest to your property, you will immediately see the portal’s login and registration forms.

  • Create a new account
    For new resident and visitor accounts, please register by entering your information into the appropriate fields on the registration form. After the initial registration, you will be automatically redirected to your dashboard where you can manage your account details and purchase new permits.
  • Already have an account?
    If you already have an account, please complete the login form to access the portal.

Updating payment method by permit

From your dashboard find the specific active permit you want to update the payment method for, and click the “Permit / Vehicle Details” button. On the permit details page, click the “Change Payment” button. Select an existing card on file, or select “Enter a new payment method” and add a new credit card. Click the “Change Payment Method” button at the bottom of the page to save changes.

* Please note you can only change the payment method on active, recurring permits.

Managing your payment methods

From your dashboard select the “Payment Methods” button on the right-hand side of the screen on desktops or under the Active/Inactive permit lists on mobile devices.

  • Adding a new payment method
    To add a new payment method to your account, click the “Add payment method” button at the bottom of the screen. A new page will appear with an input box to add your new credit card information. Add the credit card information here and click the “Add payment method” button to save changes.
  • Deleting a saved payment method
    To delete a payment method saved to your account, find the payment method you wish to delete. Click the “Delete” button next to it.
  • Setting a default payment method
    The default payment method will be automatically selected at checkout and when updating a payment method for a specific permit. To set a default payment method, find the payment method you wish to be the default. Click the “Make default” button. If the “Make Default” button isn’t visible for this payment method, it is already the default payment method for your account.

* If a payment method is deleted that was attached to an active, recurring permit, your default payment method will automatically replace the deleted payment method to avoid a failed renewal.