Is my permit active?


Here’s how to check the permit status of a permit.

Check Permit Status

To check a permit status:

  • Locate the permit with the status you want to verify
  • To the right of the permit ID will be the Status

Permit Status Breakdown

A breakdown of the permit statuses you may encounter:

  • Active: After the initial payment for a permit has been processed (if any payment is required), it will show as Active.
  • On Hold: A permit is placed On-hold when an associated order is awaiting payment.
  • Pending Start: If a permit is registered for a date in the future, it will show as Pending Start until that future date is reached. Once the future date is reached the status will automatically change to Active.
  • Cancelled: When a recurring permit is manually cancelled by the user, parking management, or support, or if the payment has failed the permit will show as Cancelled.
  • Expired: If a fixed end date is set on a permit and that date is reached, the permit will show as Expired.