How can I report someone parking in my spot?


Please report all parking violations to your parking lot enforcement company. Remember to give them specific details about the vehicle and location of the violation.

Locating your parking enforcement company

To locate your parking enforcement company from your SimplyPermits dashboard:

  • Locate a permit in your dashboard
  • Click Permit / Vehicle Details
  • Locate the box titled Have Enforcement Questions? and contact the parking enforcement company via the contact methods provided

* If a box titled Have Enforcement Questions? doesn’t exist on the permit you select, you will need to contact your parking manager directly.

Look for signage

  • Parking enforcement companies will hang signage around the parking lot with contact information. Take a moment to look around the parking lot to see if you can locate one.

Report it to the main office

  • If all else fails, contact your parking manager in the main office to report the parking violation.