Virtual Parking Pass And Other Amenities Renters Want

Amenities Renters Want

As a property manager, you might wonder how to provide better experiences for your tenants while simplifying your work. In 2022, 44 million total people rented their homes, with the majority of tenants living in an apartment.

Attracting new tenants is the biggest goal of property management companies. The second is providing an experience that makes current tenants want to renew their leases. To do this, your complex should provide amenities that make living there attractive—like a virtual parking pass. Here are a few ideas to incorporate into the lifestyle provided by your complex.

Amenities Renters Want

In today’s competitive rental market, amenities are everything. If your property only offers the bare minimum, tenants will find their new home somewhere else. These are the top amenities that can attract and retain tenants. When you make the little things—like parking permits—easy, tenants are more likely to move in and stay.

A Good Apartment Parking System

Keeping up with parking at a complex is one of the most important and cumbersome tasks. Nobody wants to come home after a long work day to juggle things like passcodes, lost parking tags, or key cards. Your tenants also want to avoid the stress of searching for a parking place or walking long distances to get to their building. Establishing a smooth permit system ensures that tenants have a convenient parking space relative to their apartment and don’t have to struggle to remember the latest keycode when they come home. This wins points for your complex.

A User-Friendly Way to Keep Up with Apartment Permits

Without a paper parking pass, how can you keep track of who parks where or who is a guest? An app that keeps track of virtual parking passes is the best solution to this problem. Parking permit portals are available 24/7 and user-friendly for all registered tenants. Plus, it cuts down the amount of paperwork, time, and money you spend on enforcing parking rules, issuing violations, or updating information.

Consider app-based virtual parking permit solutions that allow you to easily view vehicle information such as license plate number and permit type all in one place. You can make sure any vehicle parks in its registered space and find out who is a guest with a streamlined app.

Pet-friendly Units

Did you know that 70% of households in America have a pet? If your complex allows pets, you automatically appeal to a wider audience. Enforcing a fair yet thorough pet policy provides all tenants peace of mind.

Outdoor Spaces

Whether individual porches or communal areas with grass and picnic tables, tenants want the freedom to spend time at home outdoors. If your complex doesn’t have space for outdoor areas, promote nearby parks and hiking trails.

An All-in-one Parking Enforcement App At Your Fingertips

SimplyPermits is ready to help you implement the most important amenity for your complex—a virtual parking pass. Our parking enforcement app ensures all the information you need is a touch away. Request a demo today to streamline how your tenant’s park.