Take Charge With Effective In-House Parking Lot Management

Effective In-House Parking Lot Management


Many properties today, such as an apartment complex or a commercial parking lot, utilize their in-house staff to monitor their parking lot and implement enforcement solutions. During these difficult times with COVID-19, vendors like towing companies and other parking enforcement companies may be unable to function under normal operating conditions. Managing your parking lot, however, has never been more important. With many people now working from home, and businesses running under limited hours, you might find more vehicles parked on your premises. Even more so a reason for you to manage your parking lot efficiently. Here is a list of some solutions to what you could do today to improve your parking lot management:

Print a list of all vehicles that you have record of

Noting things like make, model, or color, can be helpful for parking permit management. Depending on what system you use, it might take some time to gather information of all vehicles. Our parking solution system allows this to be done at a rapid pace. All you have to do is, login to your dashboard and hit “Export report” to download a complete spreadsheet with all vehicles that have registered for a parking permit.

Systematically check parked vehicles and mark them off your spreadsheet

When you spot a vehicle that you haven’t seen before, check your spreadsheet. Keep an eye on areas that are crowded. Do you recognize all vehicles that are parked? Doing a full audit might not be necessary every day, so keep checking once in a while to keep the workload manageable. With our License Plate Recognition App, you’ll be able to check periodically even faster. Snapping a photo of the license plate is all you need to do, to verify if the vehicle has an active permit or not.

Make a note of vehicles that do not display a permit. Look up the vehicle in your system and see if you can find the owner

You might be able to search for vehicles in your property management software. Hoping that the data you store is up-to-date, you should contact the vehicle owner and remind the resident to properly display the parking permit. SimplyPermits LPR is a free, entirely paperless app, perfect for mobile parking enforcement. That means that parking permit data can be accessed digitally, allowing this data to be viewed from any location, quickly. From our LPR App, you can even send notifications directly to the vehicle owner, allowing for a streamlined communication flow.

Review your current parking rules and look for issues such as allowing a specific number of visitors per unit vs limiting guest parking as a total for the community

Visitor parking spots are often subject to abuse, so make sure that you have those parking spots clearly marked. Your parking rules should state clearly that parking for guests is on a first come first served basis. Avoid common mistakes like promising a specific amount of guest parking to a unit to which results in too many guests and too few spaces (especially on weekends and holidays).

Our parking lot management dashboard lets you review how many permits were issued for guests every single day. These interactive reports are will can be key tool in spotting parking abuse while monitoring parking trends over a given period. Parking limits can be updated with SimplyPermits at anytime, ensuring your digital permits match your community parking rules and guidelines.

Display signage or notify residents otherwise of changed parking rules

Being transparent about changes is important, of course. Make sure you allow for ample time so that all residents and guests have time to adjust to new rules. Be sure to explain why you are changing rules and how their parking situation will benefit. When residents see that there is a good reason, they are more likely to comply.

Simple, and petty tasks for parking lot management take valuable time away from both, management and residents. Now, however, with our digital parking enforcement solutions, these tasks can be done at a much quicker pace, and are significantly more accessible than ever before. Learn more about our leading technology here.