SimplyPermits LPR has officially launched

SimplyPermits has officially launched their license plate recognition mobile app, SimplyPermits LPR. This app was developed for both Android and iOS smartphones.

By using the technology already in your pocket, this app gives both, property and enforcement personnel access to easily manage a parking lot. Within seconds, snap a photo of any license plate to check whether the vehicle is permitted, where it’s permitted to park, and additional information such as vehicle updates and violations. The data is real-time using cloud technology, and has various user access roles from property manager to enforcement.

“In the past, a property or enforcement company would need to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a LPR camera and use a dedicated vehicle. It would take several days to install this dated technology and posed several other sustainability issues. Because our app is free and requires no additional hardware, it is truly the future of parking enforcement” said Brad Wiggins, Director of Technology at SimplyPermits.